Neighborhood Birds

Here is a little about all the birds that visit from around my neighborhood.

I hope to add more photos and more birds in the future!

The modos


  • leftover dove seed
  • loafing
  • doing double-takes
A mourning dove who is #looking.

The sosps

Scruffy song sparrow with only one tail feather left.
A song sparrow falling in slow motion.


The pickles

A male downy woodpecker.
A downy woodpecker hanging upside-down from a feeder.


The chickadees


  • being small but fierce
  • acrobatics
  • cheeping
A black-capped chickadee trying to break into a peanut shell.

The pigeon couple

Another pigeon trying unsuccessfully to perch on a feeder.
A pigeon gobbling up seeds as fast as it can.


The blue jay family

A blue jay interrupting its peanut collection to stand alert.
A blue jay hopping into scene.
A blue jay flying out of scene.
A couple of blue jays horgling peanuts.


The dark-eyed junco and the white-throated sparrow


  • getting along
  • finding every last fallen seed
  • snow
A dark-eyed junco foraging in fresh snow.

The man

A ring-necked pheasant screaming on a rooftop.
A ring-necked pheasant struggling to walk across the top of a fence.


Other neighbors

These neighbors aren't around a whole lot or haven't visited in a while so I don't have sections for them yet.

A house finch trying to keep warm as it searches for food.
A common grackle struggling to stay perched on a feeder.