A digital drawing of a kunpengopterus with coloration similar to a blue jay.
(Art by needsmorebirds@tumbr)
Me, probably.

Salut allô bonjour.

So this is my personal website. I guess on this page I'll talk a bit about myself and about the site.


J'suis juste que'qu' sorte de créature avec un clavier tbh.

J'aime n'importe quelle bête qui a des ailes, pis certaines qui n'en ont pas. J'aime la couleur cyan, même si je trouve le mot pour le decrire un peu bizarre. C'est la même chose en français pis en anglais, pis en plus ça n's'accorde pas. Weird. Anyway, c'est comme ça que jai choisi le nom du site. Not very creative, I know, but at least it's better than what I came up with as a kid on the early internet.

So yeah, comme tu peux probablement figurer, j'viens d'une région où on parle le chiac (nouveau terme à googler pour la plupart du monde, j'imagine).

Si tu veux savoir quels pronoms j'utilise ou cest quoi mon genre, honnêtement je ne le sais pas moi-même.

the site

With lots of nostalgia for the old days of Piczo and MSN Messenger, and many feelings of, I don't know, alienation? regarding most social media platforms and site builders, I decided to check out Neocities. I was so enamored with the sites I found here, and I felt so much joy and inspiration. So I decided to carve out my own little slice of the web right here.

An teary-eyed autism creature clearly holding itself back from speaking, with the caption 'has excitement that can not be unleashed'.
Me, most of the time.

What I plan to do here:

I'm probably going to mainly use this site to document info and thoughts regarding things that I really enjoy. This might take the form of longer-form blog style content, or it could be as simple as a short blurb accompanying a link or photo. I tend to want ramble about stuff I like, so this place will be kind of an outlet for that.

All pages under construction

I also want to use this place to break my habits of overthinking things and being a "perfectionist," so pages will rarely, if ever, be complete when they go live. I will work on things little by little, and if I lose interest before they're done, then that's just how it's going to be. Pages will have a "last update" field in the footer where you can see what's up.

Best viewing experience

I'm still unsure about whether I'm going to try to "optimize" this site for different devices. I'm also thinking about what I can do for accessibility... At the same time, many of the sites of old have a particular look and function to them which seems to fly in the face of all that. If there's some way to bridge that gap, I'd really appreciate any advice.

For the time being, I'll likely have some pages which are more flexible than others. I recommend viewing on desktop to ensure layout elements and mouseover text functions correctly.

Webmaster stuff:

I actually know very little about coding websites—I had no idea what CSS was before starting this site—but I've been having fun learning while I make this space.

Here are the main resources that have helped me so far:

How I code the site:

I'm always open to questions if there's any helpful info I can share. :>