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Animaux de compagnie

I've got two pet doves. They're a mostly domesticated offshoot of les tourterelles rieuses, commonly called ringneck doves or barbary doves.

The two don't actually get along when living in the same space (doves can be surprisingly territorial), so they live in adjacent units in the same room. I can tell they benefit from the company since they still show flocking behavior by eating, bathing and preening at the same times, but this way they each have their own space so they dont have to feel stressed.

More photos coming soon!


Curie hunkering down into loaf mode.

Curie was hatched sometime in 2013. He joined my family that winter. I originally named him after Marie Curie, as I thought he might have been female, but he's never laid any eggs and acts very masculine.



El struggling to add material to her nest.

I think El was hatched in 2015, but I got her a little later from another family. She already had her name, El, which was given to her not by that family but by her original caretaker before them, so I dont know the origin. I like to think maybe she's related to Superman, whose Kryptonian name is Kal-El.